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Why use TWP instead of the School Photographer?

1. Your Yearbook picture/ID sitting fee is usually free if that is all you elect to do. Anything else costs you money which can range from $15 to $60 or more depending on what you select.  These are just sitting fees! Big photo companies charge you upfront for sitting fees and then once you have paid to have subpar backdrop pictures taken, they take advantage of you with extremely expensive prints and limited poses.

2. Todd Wilson Photography has a convenient indoor studio with backdrops great for formal, cap & gown, and casual pictures. But what the school photographer doesnt have is 4 acres of outside parklike  REAL backgrounds! Don't take your senior portraits in front of a fake woods backdrop when you can do it in front of a REAL selection of beautiful scenery!

3. TWP allows for unlimited outfit changes while the school limits you.  TWP encourages props and special items to make your pictures unique.

4. Unlike impersonal pictures in the school gym, TWP gives you personal attention throughout the entire process.  You can easily contact us at any time for questions or concerns from scheduling, to picture orders.

5.With TWP you schedule your session on YOUR TIME, not when the school gives you an appointment which is often in a rush and sometimes after a day of school....and if you need to reschedule you can do so easily and without a problem or charge online or by phone.

6. A TWP appointment is private, comfortable, SAFE, and comvenient which makes for a far better experience, and much better images than a school appointment.

7. With TWP you select only what you want.  There is never an upsell, unlike the school photograher who will email and call repeatedly trying to get you to buy expensive prints.

8. PRICE!  There is a reason the school photographer doesn't give you a one price all inclusive deal!  They actually don't provide you with a price chart before taking your sitting fee money.  At TWP you get more images, more prints, AND a copyright free flash drive of your pictures to print or save with every package!  The school photographer charges you approximately $400 for each copyright free CD because they would rather sell you overly expensive prints instead.  With TWP you get a great value in the service, number of images, prints included, AND get all your images copyright free included with every job.

There are SO many more reasons NOT to use the school photographer but don't just take our word for it...

Look at the online reviews yourself for your school photography company.  Save yourself hundreds of dollars, while getting a far better experience and REAL images that YOU will own forever.

Start your experience now by looking at packages and clicking the "schedule" button in the menu to select your Summer 2020 day and time today!